About Us

Your Search for the Perfect Leather Bag is Over.

You have spent months searching for the perfect bag. Imagined travelling the world or hiking a picturesque trail with your rugged, durable leather bag.  All you need is within arms reach, feeling inside the premium texture and inhaling the scent of the finest leather.

But your dream is quickly dashed. Rushing through the airport to make your connection, a strap breaks and you have to carry the bag under your arm for the remainder of the trip. Never again, you say to yourself.

This is way too common. Well, not here at Macho Bags.

Our leather products are handmade in Tuscany, Italy. Preserving the skills from 19th century makers and combining the passion for handcrafted products.  A bag that will hug your hips for years to come. You expect to use these bags and wallets forever. That’s what we believe.

We serve stylish men are looking for the perfect leather bag and partners of stylish men looking for an unique gift.  We spent months searching for the best possible leathers and began the journey diving deep into the world of fine leather. We wanted our customers to have the best of the best. And we found it. And now you have too. 

That’s why we’re here. That’s why you’re here.


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